GForce impOSCar VSTi RTAS

GForce impOSCar VSTi RTAS 1.10

ImpOScar is a software modeling program of a vintage 1980’s analog synthesizer
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The Gforce ImpOScar VSTi RTAS 1.1 is a software modeling program of a vintage 1980’s analog synthesizer; the British classic known as OSCar , which can be used as a stand alone program or as a plug-in for the most popular music editing applications.

Users are presented with a virtual synthesizer that visually reproduces its predecessor down to the last detail, but with innovative modern day features added to it, offering everything that the original synthesizer provided and more programmability.

Gforce ImpOScar features a user programmable Additive Wave Matrix with two digitally controlled oscillators, and 13 wave forms. The synthesizer’s 9 filter types feature 2 12dB filters running in series, a filter overdrive and sublime separation control, providing with a range of tones. Users also benefit from the provision of a large 500+ patch library featuring preset sounds designed by sound designers who are world-class musicians. Other features include four polyphonic arpeggiator modes, a multiple LFO section, and an easy to use interface for the mapping of Midi continuous controllers. These features and more, enable users to create uniquely produced sounds as well as faithfully reproducing sounds from the original OSCar.

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  • Integrates with most host applications


  • Expensive for a plug-in
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